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(en) avtonom: Problems of the protest in Belarus [machine translation]

Date Wed, 13 Jan 2021 10:16:07 +0200

For the success of the people's political struggle, it is necessary not only to fightagainst , but also to fightfor . It is not enough to overthrow even the worst regime; you also need to build a better life on its ruins. Therefore, people inevitably have the question of what will happen after the overthrow of the government. If people do not have an understandingofwhat we are fighting for, then the motivation to fight also decreases. And even if, despite this, victory is achieved and the regime is overthrown, then provocateurs can easily take advantage of the fruits of victory, and the life of the people will worsen.
At the initial stage of the protest in Belarus, a positive goal was to fight for fair elections. Demanding the restoration of legality without revolutionary changes. The problem with such a goal is that it is weak. If they did not succeed immediately, then the demands of the protesters become more radical, and in order to fightforit, an image of the future is needed, which will become achievable after the overthrow of the Lukashenka regime.

The only political force that has an image of the future is Western liberals. Therefore, it was they who led the protest. Other political forces, in particular the left, do not have an image of the future, so they immediately found themselves on the sidelines. The privatization of the protest by the liberals led to the following. If the fight against Lukashenka and for fair elections was supported by the majority of the population, then not all Belarusians share Western values. Therefore, support for the protest began to fall.

A similar situation was in Russia in 2011. When electoral fraud also sparked massive protests and the protest was led by liberals. After that, the protest lost general support and gradually faded away. That opened the way for the strengthening of the dictatorship and further fascization of the Russian government.

For the protest to remain popular, enjoy universal support and cannot be used by provocateurs to worsen the life of the people, an image of the future is needed that will be real, understandable and beneficial to the ordinary citizen. This image of the future consists of specific requirements that people can use to assess the usefulness of any government and any political forces - today, tomorrow, revolutionary, post-revolutionary.

A hundred years ago, people fought for their specific rights and opportunities - equality of all before the law, an 8-hour working day, paid leave, affordable education and medicine, land and factories owned by peasants and workers, etc. That political program is outdated - some of those requirements have been fulfilled, some have lost their relevance. We need new specific requirements that are relevant for today's citizens.

The key principle of a viable political program is the unity of legal and material requirements:

"We know very well that even if we achieve land, income tax, universal compulsory gratuitous training and the replacement of a standing army with a people's militia, there will still be little sense, because the government can take it all back from us. Therefore, we need a broad opportunity to protect our rights and interests.To do this, we need to be given complete freedom to speak and write in defense of our interests and to expose any untruths of the authorities and frauds of the rich, freely organize meetings to discuss our needs, form alliances to defend our rights. , we wish that no one in the state could be imprisoned at the discretion of the authorities, could not be searched without the permission of the court - in a word, that there was complete inviolability of the person and home of all citizens.And for the judges to be fair, not to indulge the authorities and to please them do not oppress citizens with searches and arrests, we demand that they not be subject to the authorities: let them be chosen by the whole people and let them be prosecuted for wrong deeds. "// Order Ivantsevsky rural society of Lukoyanovskaya vol., Nizhny Novgorod province in the II State Duma (April 1907) Kara-Murza Civil war.

Unfortunately, over the past century, political thought has degraded, and today the majority of citizens do not understand the need to fight for their rights. Waiting for the leader to come and take care of them. As long as this situation continues, it is naive to count on the improvement of our life.

The most correct and good goal is useless until there is a subject who is interested in achieving this goal. The oligarchy, the nomenklatura and the state are not interested in improving the life of the people. Only citizens themselves can force the state to take into account the interests of the people. And for this we need to increase our political subjectivity. As long as the people are a crowd of powerless individuals, the authorities will not act in the interests of the people. Whatever slogans the power is covered with. Provocateurs, careerists and self-seekers feel great under any slogans.

Today's left movement is terribly far from the people. To become a viable political force again, the left must lead the citizens' struggle fortheircivil rights. As it was a century ago. Without reliance on citizens' self-organization, the leftist movement is an empty wrapper.

And activists need to know, apply and disseminate those anarcho-communist tools that can increase the opportunities of people here and now. In particular:

Self-organizing principlesfor grassroots engagement.
A networked organizationfor political struggle.
Self-organizedor at least adelocraticenterprise for labor activities.
As long as citizens do not have an image of the future, consisting of specific rights, opportunities and requirements, political struggle is pointless. You cannot fight for all good and against all bad. Such a struggle is easily used by oligarchic groups in their own interests, and the life of the people does not change for the better.

Marx's mistake or the real path to communism
Join the groupFrom Self-Organization to Communism , dedicated to the introduction of communist relations into our lives.

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