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(en) Greece, Thessaloniki Freedom Initiative: Anarchist Federation calls for class protest on the day of the 84th TIF | Saturday 7/9, 18:00, Kamara [machine translation]

Date Thu, 5 Sep 2019 09:37:04 +0300

The regularity of capitalist barbarism is only undermined by intermediate class struggles ---- The election of New Delhi's self-governing government has begun a period of "new regularity", as its parliamentary representatives have been enthusiastically proclaiming. It is, of course, the same and indispensable regularity of capitalism, which entails the exploitation of class, poverty and misery by many and strangling social control at the same time that few increase their profits and privileges. The apparent shift of page and the inauguration of a new era of supposed economic recovery, which tells us that it will help alleviate the bottom line, is just a common scam that is being systematically used by the governments in question, including the current government. All that has changed, however, is the stumbling block in state management of capitalist interests. The ladle of state power passed from SYRIZA. in the ND, which is committed to continuing the policies of its predecessors. The TIF is a central station for the new government to carry out its own fiesta and to receive the greatest possible and most favorable communication impressions, with the ultimate aim of receiving formal credentials and formal support from local and supranational capital, whose interests it has undertaken to serve, on the other hand, to the extent that it can achieve the coveted transactional consensus for the sovereign, largely through the so-called national development propaganda vehicle.

Before considering the new neoliberal capitalist expansion orchestrated by the ND government, we must bear in mind that international budgetary supervision will continue at least until 2060 and surveillance will not end before 75% of public debt is repaid, bloody primary surpluses that the working class is going to have to fully embrace. In addition, the sale of public property or more simply privatization will continue through the Treasury until 2114. These austerity measures are commitments to any government that has voted for all bourgeoisie. Not one of the 700 Memorandum laws that have been voted on has been repealed and repealed, not one of the 60,000 Memorandums, nor one of the 300. 000 Ministerial and Implementing Memorandum Decisions. Therefore, we cannot speak of a post-Memorial period and an exit from the Memorandums, as the previous SYRIZA government was saying. it imposes a state of imposition of a continuous memorandum, stepping up the exploitation of labor and the plundering of natural wealth with the aim of increasing profits for bosses.

Let us now see how the first steps of this government are being delineated in accordance with its own programmatic statements, which are formulated tangibly through the submission of relevant bills, in order to be put to the vote in Parliament. Enfia is projected to drop by 22% on average in 2019. This measure also has some "hidden" class extensions, as for properties worth 80,000 to 1,000,000 the ENFIA reduction is set at 20% (range) of value is enormous as one can see), while for properties that exceed € 1,000,000, ENFIA will be reduced by 10%. At the moment, that is, that 3,488,820 taxpayers with real estate up to 60,000 will save an average of 55 euros each, 14,706 natural persons with more than 1,000 real estate. EUR 000 will be reduced by an average of EUR 1,775. Mr Mitsotakis promised a 50% reduction in direct capital taxation and a 20% reduction in corporate tax in two phases. Dividend taxation is reduced from 10% to 5%, while the corporation tax rate of 28% is reduced to 24%.

The Minister of Labor, G. Vroutsis, announced further privatization of what was left of public social insurance, stressing the introduction of the "capitalization system" in subsidiary insurance and the delivery of insured contributions to private insurance companies, granting free the insurance companies gambling on supplementary pensions, without any guarantee of retirement benefits. In addition, over the course of four years, ND promises to reduce the main pension contribution by 25% from 20% of salary or income to 15%. This means that by reducing insurance contributions by 25%, 16% will directly benefit employers by reducing employer contributions, while only 9% will return to workers' pockets.

In the diminishing health sector, with 30,000 gaps in public health care structures, existing government underfunding will continue unabated. At the same time, the government is in favor of public-private partnerships. In short, primary public health is to feed private medical centers to complete further diagnostic investigations. The alleged rationalization of the state-sanctioned public health system through the installation, maintenance, and operation of private-sector public health care facilities entails direct and indirect contributions to health care workers. ND will enact PASOK's old law that stipulates the allocation of public hospital segments for the needs of private insurance companies. Thus, the squeeze on profit from private capital is intensified through the remunerated exploitation of productive resources and the workforce of public health structures. Finally, managers will be introduced in public hospitals, who will adapt them to the criteria and requirements of private capital, while coordinating the buying and selling of health services, as is the case in other EU countries. after all. who will adapt these to the criteria and requirements of private capital, while coordinating the buying and selling of health services, as in other EU countries. after all. who will adapt these to the criteria and requirements of private capital, while coordinating the buying and selling of health services, as in other EU countries. after all.

Capitalist restructuring is also going to hit all levels of education, affecting the material interests of the economically active (see teachers) and the educated working class (students, students), sharpening class exclusions in education, undermining employment the direction of perpetual insecurity, while attempting a direct attack on class struggles and popular freedoms with the subsequent abolition of university asylum. ND is pursuing measures to permanently retrain and evaluate teachers in the context of dismissals and exclusion. It links education levels with the market, business and volunteering (unpaid work), strengthens the institution of apprenticeships, that is, unpaid work under the guise of training and specialization in an object. In addition, it launches exclusions from higher education through the ability of the schools themselves to set an admission base higher than the minimum, as well as their ability to determine the number of admissions. A key objective of the government, which has been high on its repressive agenda, is to abolish university asylum in order to open Aeolus' sack for suppressing and penalizing class struggles and class student unionism in particular. The provision of student deletions exceeding n + 2 years of study is intended to further intensify the pace of study, competition and personalization of students. End, the private initiative is being expanded to include undergraduate and postgraduate programs of study, with the aim of serving the interests of business groups. Gradually, the road to privatization of higher education is opening up. After all, many of the institutions' functions already fall under the private factor (see the various contractors).

The triptych "law-order-security" and the strengthening of the police state are key objectives of the ND government. The abolition of university asylum is just the beginning of the repressive storm. To bolster that agenda, the government announced the hiring of 1,500 Special Forces Specialists, the "release" of 500 police officers from "office" services to the local security departments, the Delta team's re-establishment, and the opportunity to constantly boast that will level the Exarchies, turning them into a militarized police occupation zone, so as to enable their business "refinement", which is to include their tourist redevelopment, which will be accompanied by rising rental prices (already renting apartments via the Airbnb platform leads to this effect), evicting residents and removing Community resistance. The ND government has also pledged to amend the SYRIZA government vote. Criminal Code, to make its existing provisions even more authoritarian, the reactionary core of which will leave it untouched, and to move towards criminalizing and prosecuting class resistances by making photo shoots for the criminal deterrence of politically motivated acts of mischief. in the forefront of the repressive treatment of Rubicon, of the collectivism that is a member of the Anarchist Federation, and of trade union mobilizations. Let's say here, whereas the first publications referring to the new government's thoughts on enlargement of the anti-terrorist law (187A) have already been circulated to apply to cases falling within the sphere of activism, specifically aimed at combating Rubikon's action. Last but not least, among the plans of state repression is the operation of type C prisons, which prescribe inhumane conditions of management and tightly supervised detention of prisoners. The sting of the repression also includes the management of immigrants. The start was made by merging the Ministry of Migration Policy with that of Citizen Protection with the corresponding racist symbolism that it has, as it criminalizes immigrants, reinforcing racist social reflections against them. Then, the previous circular on the granting of immovable property to immigrants was abolished. This move excludes immigrants from health services, further marginalizing them and making their living conditions more racist. In the face of intense condemnation, G. Vroutsis announced the issuance of new directives that would define the procedures for the extradition of NRMAs to third-country nationals. However, this proclamation has not been implemented to date, leaving thousands of immigrants without access to health, but also without the right to register with the OAED (we assume that it is completely coincidental that this racist exclusion will cause unemployment rates to fall completely!). At the same time, there are suggestions for an even greater involvement of the Armed Forces in areas such as immigration, but also on issues of internal security under the guise of "terrorism". It is noteworthy that the Minister of Citizen Protection, M. Chrysochoidis, gave his commendation for the largest storehouse of souls in the country, the Moria Hellas. It was clear from the new government's announcements from day one, moreover, that the new management of the immigration "issue" would be based on the inhumane confinement of immigrants into Reception Centers and Detention Centers (a euphemism for their democratic concentration camps). ).

The so-called "staff state" bill passed in Parliament in late July is set to be one of the key levers for privatizing public property, as it provides the necessary formal conditions for overcoming the bureaucratic hurdles that stifle investment. This will accelerate the sale of public property to prospective crowds of business groups. Mitsotakis announced that private investment would become a symbol of Greece. PPC, ELPE, Hellenic, Eleftherios Venizelos Airport will all come out on the hammer. For PPC, the government announced that "where necessary networks will be privatized" and "once the business is consolidated, a strategic investor will be sought". 30% of Eleftherios Venizelos airport will be privatized, the privatization of Hellenic will go ahead immediately and become a flagship of the government's business plan. The current prime minister said in his speech that special sections are being set up in the courts, with specialized judges, with the aim of ND speeding up appeals for the unblocking of "investments".

Following on from the anti-strike law passed by the SYRIZA government, with the tolerance of the GSEE and ADEDY employers and bureaucratic trade unions, it defines the approval of a strike by primary associations as a prerequisite for the strike to be approved. With 50% + 1 of registered members, the ND government intends to launch a new offensive against the class union movement. The impending change in the union law concerns the introduction of electronic voting in the strike proceedings. Following the wishes of the bosses, the new government aims to remove class resistances and strike mobilizations, moving workers out of living fermentation with each other and unity with their colleagues in the workplace,

We cannot leave the flammable issue of imperialist antagonistic rivalries in the eastern Mediterranean focused on the Cypriot EEZ, leading to a vigorous geo-strategic confrontation between the individual bourgeoisie and the states serving their own interests and interests. monopoly groups seeking to exploit energy resources and energy transit routes to international markets. It is a fact that the Greek territory has become an immense American-NATO base, a key node of Euro-Atlantic imperialism in the Balkans and the Southeastern Mediterranean. The election of the ND government does not change that. In the direction of further deepening the Greek state in the strategic planning of the USA. and NATO, the ND government has already begun the second phase of the strategic dialogue which involves upgrading the Mutual Agreement. The goal is to renew the framework of US use of the Sudanese base on the one hand and to be in place for five or more years, so that no annual renewal is required, as it has been in force since 1990. concessions from the SYRIZA government, to ensure the use of the country's Armed Forces in US missions. and NATO abroad and to strengthen Greece's position as a base of imperialist plans. Greece has already participated in 12 NATO and EU military missions. abroad, but that is not enough for them. Imperialist missions have demands and are rapidly expanding across the globe depending on the demands of monopolies and multinationals. Intense skirmishes, threatening peace in the wider region, are taking place between Turkey and the US, due to the Turkish state's choice to strengthen its relations with Russia and buy the Russian S-400 missile system. USA. they responded by excluding Turkey from the sale of F-35 fighter jets and the cogeneration program. NATO needs to offer enough rewards to discipline Turkey, which is NATO's second most powerful force, and move it away from Russian influence and cooperation. At the same time Turkish drilling rigs have reached the Cypriot EEZ for exploration and drilling, while at the same time in the Aegean, Greek-Turkish bilateral competition with Greek and Turkish warships and aircraft skirmishes continues. The US East Med Act bill on "security and energy cooperation in the eastern Mediterranean" promotes US interests. through further involvement of the Greek state in the US-US competition. and Russia that is already raging on many fronts (Eastern Mediterranean, Persian Gulf).

The oppressed and exploited, wherever we are on the map, have nothing to do with each other. We need to understand the community of our class interests and on this basis organize our counterattack against those who oppress us and live by our labors. We are not going to fight for the interests of the local and supranational bosses, we are not going to fight for any homeland, nor are we to turn the barrels of arms on the proletarians of other countries, from whom the sovereigns, the invaders, are trying to divide us by any artificial means. every available solvent of class consciousness (nation, borders, religion). In the event of war, the world proletariat will be the one that will be forced to move the war machines of the capitalists by paying the price with the lives of people in our class. Today, therefore, it is necessary to form an anti-war movement on the basis of internationalist, class solidarity.

We realize that in order to be able to see meaningful changes in our lives, we must invade our own evolution and create on our own, relying on our collective forces and class and internationalist solidarity, intersections and ruptures in our ongoing state of class. depreciation. So let's start with the immediate steps, which may seem small but definitely require effort and effort. We need to step up our efforts to rebuild the movement by densifying the lines of grassroots unions, labor initiatives, class schemes for workers, retirees, the unemployed, pupils and students, in order to establish a first and foremost line. defense against attacks on the state and capital, which are significantly exacerbated in the midst of the international capitalist crisis. We must exacerbate social and class conflict in every possible area of intervention. Therefore, it is also necessary to strengthen neighborhood assemblies, anti-fascist networks and co-ordination, environmental initiatives and movements that oppose gender repression and patriarchy, as well as the anarchist and anti-authoritarian political groups and organizations themselves.

Today we can fundamentally fight back, but the small steps to rebuild our resistance are necessary to form a mass social and class movement that will be able to counterattack and threaten its status and privileges. We are therefore called upon to create, thicken and strengthen all the necessary structures and organizations of social and class conflict so as to build the ground that will supply us with tools and mechanisms so that we can eventually turn our struggle towards a total revolutionary social transformation, towards a complete reorganization of social and productive relations, inspired by liberal communism. The class of producers, the poor, the poor, that is, the vast social majority, that is, we have unrivaled empowerment and potential. After all, we are the ones who, through our work, move all the gears of a system, which is reproduced through our exploitation and destitution, in order to enrich the few, the privileged, the capitalists. It is enough, then, to liberate these emancipatory forces and opportunities that we have, through our organized and coordinated struggle against state and capital. Either power will bury us or we will overthrow it. If we do not do the 'impossible', we will face the unthinkable! to enrich the few, the privileged, the capitalists, that is. It is enough, then, to liberate these emancipatory forces and opportunities that we have, through our organized and coordinated struggle against state and capital. Either power will bury us or we will overthrow it. If we do not do the 'impossible', we will face the unthinkable! to enrich the few, the privileged, the capitalists, that is. It is enough, then, to liberate these emancipatory forces and opportunities that we have, through our organized and coordinated struggle against state and capital. Either power will bury us or we will overthrow it. If we do not do the 'impossible', we will face the unthinkable!




18:00, KAMARA

Anarchist Federation
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