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(en) Russia, Avtonom: Time for Bad Guys: "Trends of Order and Chaos", episode 159 (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Thu, 13 Jun 2024 09:03:26 +0300

Whom are they mourning at the UN ---- At the very beginning of the week, the UN Security Council honored the memory of the deceased Iranian President Raisi and Foreign Minister Abdollahian with a minute of silence. That is, they honored the memory of the Iranian executioner, who was personally responsible for imposing death sentences on political prisoners. Every time it seems that the United Nations has nowhere to fall, it whizzes through yet another bottom.
Iran is a strategic partner of Russia and, in particular, supplies the Russian army with kamikaze drones, which it uses to kill Ukrainians. So Raisi's death was discussed with sorrow on Russian television, and then Putin's propagandist Solovyov spoke in all seriousness about the Israeli agent Eli Kopta, who killed the Iranian president. That is, an Internet meme about an Israeli agent, whose name is pronounced like "helicopter", that is, "helicopter" in French or English, was broadcast as evidence of the involvement of Israeli intelligence services.

I don't presume to say who is really to blame - someone's special services or weather conditions, but I want to once again draw attention to the level of argumentation of the Kremlin propagandists, who treat the people as complete fools who can be fed any nonsense. Yes, of course, not everyone learned French, but almost everyone now has the Internet and finding out where this Mossad agent came from is not so difficult. But gentlemen propagandists continue to spout nonsense, without being embarrassed at all.

"Bad Boy"
In general, state interests cover up anything. Terror, genocide, wars and other trash. For example, the curly-haired and ruddy Malchish-Bad actor Vladimir Karpuk, based on whose denunciation Evgenia Berkovich and Svetlana Petriychuk are being judged, constantly justifies himself with zeal for the state interests. He allegedly saw their play "Finist Yasnyi Sokol" as a justification for terrorism. Before going to court as the main witness, Karpuk turned to all "normal healthy people" for support, which, in his words, was very "exciting" for him. It's not clear why he cares if it's not his place to be in prison.

Today's informers are very fond of complaining about how they, poor things, are being persecuted, although they have all the power of the punitive system behind them, which they are trying to serve. Well, let's see what this excited pussy wrote: "In my opinion, the play "Finist Yasny Falcon" has a destructive component, justifies terrorism, and negatively represents the judicial system of the Russian Federation. I think that the performance contains a Russophobic component, because The "terrorist" is presented as a positive character, and the Russian man is presented in a negative light. I also believe that the very name of the play distorts the meaning of the original Russian fairy tale, because among our people, "Finist" is a positive hero, and in the play "Finist" is a terrorist who kills for high goals."

It seems like the informer is "offended for the state," but in reality... in fact, the kitty was offended like a Russian man. Here are more quotes from him: "The performance is sabotage. Throughout the play, this is all romanticized. A collective image of a Russian woman, these women evoke pity. And the main character says that our Russian men, they drink, they are tumbleweeds, and the one I was going to see is a real man. For example, I'm honestly offended. For example, I don't smoke or drink, I think it's unpleasant for a Russian man to hear that." Yes, the play is precisely about the fact that women who went to marry ISIS members found an example of patriarchal masculinity in terrorists. And that patriarchy feeds terror, like all patriarchal culture.

So both Berkovich and Petriychuk hit a painful point, hence the revenge from the patriarchal state and the absurd accusations. So, when Bad Boy Volodenka Karpuk makes an excuse that Evgenia and Svetlana were not imprisoned because of him, they would have been imprisoned anyway, he is generally right. Plants the system. But this system consists of people, and each of them is responsible for both their actions and inactions. And Volodenka really wants to get into power, at any cost, excuse me, another quote: "Honestly, I want to go into politics... Theater and cinema do not have the same impact on the country as the resources that are in Politics. I feel like a stepson... In power, so many reforms can be made in the field of culture and education... I am delighted at the thought that I have been given the opportunity to reform education and culture." We believe, Volodenka, we believe that you want power, you would have turned around... But I would like to remind you that for every informer there is an informer.

Denunciation of an informer
The informer and homophobe Timur Bulatov has so far gotten away with a fine and is very indignant that a denunciation was written against him for "discrediting the army." Well, what can I say, this is just the beginning.

All these characters, lovers of Stalin, are for some reason confident that repressions will never affect them, that they, the cleansers, are above the suspicion of the authorities. Stalin's People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR, Genrikh Yagoda, also tried. I tried really hard. And he had plenty of power, but wow, he was arrested in 1937. In his petition for pardon, Yagoda wrote: "My guilt before my Motherland is great. Not redeeming her in any way. It's hard to die. I am on my knees before all the people and the party and ask you to have mercy on me and spare my life."

Nikolai Yezhov, who replaced him, was shot in 1940. In his last word at the trial, he said: "During the preliminary investigation, I said that I was not a spy, I was not a terrorist, but they did not believe me and severely beat me. During the twenty-five years of my party life I honestly fought with enemies and destroyed enemies... I maintain that I was not a terrorist. If I wanted to carry out a terrorist act against any member of the government, I would not recruit anyone for this purpose, but, using technology, I would commit this vile deed at any moment... Tell Stalin that I will die with his name on my lips ."

Then there was Beria, but he was also shot. This is the story.

Respect for "heroes"
As for cultural figures who are trying with all their might to curry favor and, accordingly, to receive roles, productions, the publication of poetry, and therefore fame and fees, they also hide behind supposed service to their homeland. Unfortunately, some of my old acquaintances were among these glorifiers of war and the "greatness of the country." They also write about the important tasks they face on their "cultural front."

For example, "the task of the writers in the rear is to make sure that the veterans of the Northern Military District are greeted as heroes." Well, in previous trends I have already told more than once how these "heroes" behave when they return. That is, they continue to rob, rape and kill.

Here in the Rostov region a sensational crime was solved. On May 17, an eight-year-old girl was killed; last week there were reports in the press that the killer was a former participant in the war in Ukraine, who was there under a contract. One can only guess how these scum behaved where they were confident of their impunity.

Parade of hypocrisy
Well, let's return to the fact that hypocrisy is a characteristic feature of any state and its politicians. Ireland, Norway and Spain have announced their desire to recognize a Palestinian state. Official recognition is scheduled for May 28. The heads of state explain their decision by saying that they see this as the only guarantee of stopping the bombing and humanitarian crisis.

In response to this, Knesset (Israeli Parliament) member Sharren Haskel sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Israel calling on him to recognize the independence of Catalonia, the Basque Country, Galicia, Andalusia, Aragon, the Balearic and Canary Islands. In general, all territories with separatist sentiments that are part of Spain.

Well, okay, Ukraine is a state, but it is still being bombed. In general, there are no working solutions to prevent wars and humanitarian crises in the current system of world order; no states, no interstate association can offer them.

Maybe it's time to understand that states have outlived their usefulness, that their entire system is endless violence against both their citizens and citizens of other countries? In our time of mass emigration, many have encountered both bureaucratic government circles of hell and prejudice against those who have a passport of the wrong color.

What instead of the state?
Peter Kropotkin wrote: "Society must outgrow statehood and acquire a new form... overcoming the self-organization of all mankind,... the main contradiction of political life between the managers and the governed." "To deny power anarchically... means to rise in the integration of the common life above the state volume and national-state partitions,... means the creation of a universal common life."

That's it, without state borders and wars over these borders, without dividing people into classes. A universal hostel in peace and free labor. Isn't this a worthy goal?

Well that's all for today! We remind you that in Trends in Order and Chaos, members of Autonomous Action and other authors give anarchist assessments of current events. Listen to us on YouTube, SoundCloud and other platforms, visit our website avtonom.org, subscribe to our social networks and e-mail newsletter.

The issue was prepared by Nina T.

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