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(en) France, CNT-AIT, Anarchosyndicalisme #183 - Green capitalism, and so-called "greenwashing" (ca, de, fr, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Wed, 25 Oct 2023 09:22:54 +0300

Ecology, in recent years, has taken on significant importance in the political scene. Not a week, not a day, without a politician taking an ecological or pseudo-ecological position, from the NPA to the RN via Macron, everyone claims it. It has become a commonplace where it is difficult to bring contradiction, under penalty of anathema uttered by the last of the climate-skeptic bastards. Ecology has a good back in being able to give itself a respectable image as a politician, especially when there is an electoral issue, and like these people who claim to govern us from the highest level of the state to the lowest. municipality, belong to a social class that is the bourgeoisie, we sometimes witness grotesque situations in big cities and in the countryside.

Thus, in the city of Toulouse, we are witnessing in the name of the fight against global warming a species of gentrification which does not speak its name. In fact, the municipality of this city set up a ZFE (low emission zone) on January 1 of this year, which consists of prohibiting the most polluting vehicles marked Crit'Air 4 and 5 and not classified from circulating in the city. . What appears to be a progressive and eco-friendly measure is in reality a discriminatory measure, since most Toulouse residents and people who live in neighboring towns, who do not have the means to afford a clean and clean car until end, because this implies that they will have to buy a new car every two or three years under penalty of a fine, will no longer be able to go to town, or even will no longer be able to return home. So it is a safe bet that between now and 2024 there will be many moves by proletarians who earn a meager living, for the benefit of new arrivals who will have money and brand new electric cars. Long life to Eco-friendly Nuclear!!! On the one hand, they are relaunching the automobile economy and on the other, driving out the working-class population of Toulouse, being out of the game from the start! And this is how we transform Toulouse into a city of the rich. Well done Moudenc and what's more, you are entitled to the super eco-friendly medal.

A few kilometers away, the Castres-Toulouse highway project, which, originally, was a whim of the pharmaceutical industrialist Pierre Fabre (and friend of Antoine Seilliere), argued by what would like to be a strong argument, namely opening up the South Tarn, a rather questionable situation since there is already a good national road which should simply be redeveloped. But when we question the merits of building this unnecessary highway, we are treated to a host of insults, often coming from people who are not residents of the region, who have no idea of the context other than to simple fantasies. Castres-Toulouse is only 67 km, it's not the end of the world. But the populations of the south of the Tarn department who are not, and far from it, wealthy people, will avoid taking this future highway which, further east, will pay around EUR8, others say EUR15 - whatever 'in any case, it's an injustice: there already exists a Toulouse-Albi motorway which is completely free!!!

And there, we saw contingents of ecologists arrive from the four corners of French territory, to explain that there will be damage, that it is not good... But to make a simple departmental road, there also harms the ecosystem, and what is annoying is that these ecologists come to give lessons, of course it is true, a rather useless project. But why didn't they come before?
Because this region has long been polluted, even very polluted, and the great forests of the Black Mountains prove nothing. For decades, since the beginning of the industrial revolution, or even before, there has always been pollution, particularly arsenic in the former silver mines in Salsignes, a few kilometers from Castres, north of Carcassonne.: the working-class towns of Mazamet and Graulhet had a few decades ago the French record for the most polluted rivers in the country with various particularly toxic chemicals, the inhabitants of these towns had plenty of time to smell the bad odors and admiring the fanciful colors that their rivers sometimes took on. At those times, where were the super ecologists?? Nowadays the south of the Tarn department is a region with high unemployment where people leave to find work elsewhere, and the old people stay.
Capitalism has always come to terms with ecology, has even created a market and a way of life, aimed at the "middle" classes, the lower bourgeoisie of big cities, a population that is rarely found in regions like the south of Tarn or the department of Aude whose living conditions certainly do not interest these "ecologists". We will remember the "rural rednecks" who disdained the yellow vests at the time.
And ecology in recent years has often appealed to emotions, like the far right.
The two come together on the fear of the unknown and sometimes the absence of considered judgment.
Political leaders and the exploiters of large industrial groups have long understood that environmental degradation could be detrimental to their economy, that expenses to protect or reproduce the workforce are increasing, and that pollution gives rise to unhealthy reactions. for business and political stability.
And it is entirely logical that large industrial groups reposition themselves in favor of ecology, and carry out acts of "militancy" to save the planet, but this is only a facade posture. With this motorway story, I can very well see the Pierre Fabre and Airbus labs turning around and giving us lessons in ecology via the municipalities of Toulouse and Castres. As Raul Gardini, big boss or ex-big boss of the Ferruzzi group which owns (or had) the highly polluting Montedison chemical factory, said: "Ecology is the future of the economy, and agriculture the tool the most important in ecology"[1].

When big business starts talking about ecology, nothing seems good for the future of ordinary people. The most important environmental NGOs, for example the WWF, were created by biologists, but also businessmen, and this organization has links with companies like Gazprom, Crédit Agricole or even the agri-food industry, which; it is well known, is very respectful of the environment.

This shows one thing: all these bourgeois from EELV to Greenpeace, who give us lessons all year round on ecology, asking us to tighten our belts, to fly less (it is certain that the prole from the corner or even the precarious person at the RSA often takes the plane to the factory or to Pôle Emploi), or constantly talks to us about electric cars, about climate change having to be largely financed, but then in this case financed by whom? Gazprom? Lafarge? Shell? Coca cola?... That is to say, multinationals who ruin our lives, who make us work in dirty conditions, who pay us poverty wages, fire us like trash, physically poison us, and damage the environment , who ask governments to delay the retirement age, and at the same time tell us that we must be careful, because the end of the world is near and that if you do not sort the waste, you are a irresponsible. This is a bad joke!

It is obvious that ecology is nowadays a business like any other. Under the pretext of a catastrophic rise in temperatures, official speeches are ready to make us swallow anything, such as accepting dangerous technologies like nuclear power, which would apparently be good for the climate, and which behind everything that, without taking into account the divergent or converging economic interests of the different factions of international capitalism, and the waste of money invested in this campaign against the climate crisis. In the meantime, people in everyday life are subjected to the economic interests of one or another in the name of the fight against global warming, without taking into account the living conditions of the proletariat who only have the right to to keep silent and suffer. The proletarians are only entitled to contempt and infantilization.

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