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(en) Russia, avtonom: Rise of the Machines: Trends in Order and Chaos Episode 104 (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Wed, 17 May 2023 08:18:48 +0300

This time the issue was prepared by the editors of the telegram channel "Anarchist Irkutsk". Here are the highlights on the agenda for the past week. ---- May 1 - the day of the struggle ---- Guerrilla attacks continue to disturb the Russian authorities. On May 1, in the Gatchina district of the Leningrad region, partisans blew up a power line pylon in order to cause economic damage to the energy system of the Russian Federation. And in the Bryansk region, with the help of undermining the rails, two trains were derailed. The first - of 60 wagons, loaded mainly with oil products and lumber, was "dropped" on the Rassukha-Unecha haul. Two days later, in the Bryansk region, not far from the Snezhetskaya station, another explosion occurred - in the Snezhetskaya - Belye Berega section. 20 out of 70 wagons of the freight train overturned.

But this is not all that was burning in Russia this week. On the night of May 3, two drones tried to attack the Moscow Kremlin. Objects in the western part of Russia were attacked: from the Krasnodar Territory to the Leningrad Region. While the Russian state is trying to pin the blame on Ukraine, Ukrainian authorities have denied everything, raising some suspicion that anti-war guerrillas had a hand in it. In several cities, the authorities have already banned residents from launching drones, which can mean only one thing - the state is poorly protected from the "rebellion of the machines."

There are several versions of who did it. According to one version, it was done by someone from Ukraine. According to another version, this is someone from the mythical underground. The third version is a staging by the Kremlin or other near-state structures. But this is definitely connected either with the upcoming counter-offensive of Ukraine, or with the impending May 9, for the disruption of which a reward has been announced on the Ukrainian Internet. But the authorities themselves are doing an excellent job of spoiling this year's "holiday", which, of course, is inscribed in state bonds.

"Immortal Regiment" against Putin
For example: city administrations massively cancel the procession of the "Immortal Regiment", somewhere they refuse to hold parades. Once upon a time, the "Immortal Regiment" was a grassroots initiative of journalists from Tomsk, but it was quickly appropriated by the state, and in 2022, the creators of the action asked not to be associated with processions anymore. What is the government afraid of? The fact that anti-war activists will bring photographs of the defenders of Ukraine to the action, as they did last year, or, on the contrary, that z-patriots will come with photographs of those who died for Russian imperial ambitions, and it will become more difficult to hide huge losses at the front?

The authorities themselves explain this by the fact that there may be some provocations at the action, for example, terrorist attacks. This seems to be true, but it seems that it can be summarized as "the authorities are afraid" or "the authorities are afraid." The state is also beginning to fear a wholesale sex change before the next wave of mobilization.

Russia continues transphobic campaign
Russia is preparing to ban the change of a gender marker in documents in the absence of one or more related operations. In addition to the standard words about the protection of "traditional values", the authorities attribute the ban to the fact that Russian men who did not leave the country allegedly "hurried to private clinics for information." Experts interviewed by Takie Dela are confident that such actions are just a continuation of the transphobic campaign of the Russian state and an attempt to distract Russians from social and political problems using the image of the enemy. However, this is only the first optics.

The second optics, by the way, is "conscripts massively change sex." Indeed, if your gender in the passport is female, then the military registration and enlistment office will only sadly remove you from the register. If you had it in your plans, then you still have time.

By the way: gender reassignment does not annul your marriage. Yes, you can expect long legal proceedings, but in the end you can live in a same-sex marriage and spoil the big picture.

But the state wants to control the family and any manifestations of sexuality. Many people say that even the legalization of same-sex marriage is a conservative impulse. Indeed, marriage is an established construct that comes from the state. Now even the most progressive countries are in no hurry to approve polyamorous marriages. After all, the braces in this case will go along the well-known path.

Settling the family and trying to play with fertility is called "biopolitics". Speaking of biopolitics:

Biopolitics has knocked on our door
The ex-Minister of Economy of Buryatia proposed the creation of a sperm bank for participants in the war in Ukraine. According to the plan, all military men can donate sperm before being sent to the front, and in the event of their death, their relatives can "carry out actions for the reproduction of descendants." Also, the submitted biomaterial should be enough for at least three descendants, who are subsequently planned to be trained in specialized educational institutions and employed in the civil service.

The state, in this case, will completely privatize these children, turn them into "true statesmen-patriots."

This is a very honest expression of the desire of the state. They all want to see us as incubators and donors of raw materials.

But Buryatia has become famous for something else this week. The deputy of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation from Buryatia, here, diagnosed a revolutionary situation.

Burning info field
Vyacheslav Markhaev, a State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, said that the situation in Russia is very similar to the pre-revolutionary one. in their achievements ... The political blindness and deafness of such a government to the emerging real problems in the country will lead to catastrophic consequences - not only for the country and its people, but also for themselves.

Still, the "communists" still have something revolutionary. But they say it with some caution. After all, they understand that they will be asked for a lot. Although, perhaps this understanding is what makes them open their mouths now.

But Friday was full of other announcements as well.

PMC "Wagner" plans to leave Bakhmut
Prigozhin was highly critical of the Ministry of Defense, using very left-wing rhetoric such as: "Boys are dying for your offices." It is clear that he is silent about his role in this, and that in the competition of cannibals he undoubtedly wins, but nevertheless.

And all this is happening against the background of drones exploding near the Kremlin, the cancellation of such traditional formats as the Immortal Regiment and Victory parades in cities. Oh yes, and also the expectations of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Well, we continue to monitor the situation.

And to the news of political prisoners.

Detention of Yaroslav Inozemtsev in Yerevan
In 2020, a case was fabricated against 14-year-old Yaroslav Inozemtsev about preparing for school shooting. In July 2022, he was sent to a psychiatric hospital for indefinite compulsory treatment. After the verdict of the court of appeal, Yaroslav and his mother left the country. Russia put Inozemtsev on the international wanted list, and already on May 3 he was detained in Yerevan. Already at the police station, he wrote an application for political asylum, and the next day he was released. A denunciation about the whereabouts of his son was written to the FSB by Yaroslav's father, who thus tried to achieve the return of his ex-wife to Russia.

The case of the Krasnoyarsk anti-fascists
On May 2, a meeting was held at the Krasnoyarsk anti-fascists. The prosecutor requested 7 years and 2 months for Ivanov and Vinogradov and 6 years and 2 months for Kozyrev. Ivanov and Vinogradov are now under house arrest. The verdict will be announced on May 15.

Repressions are intensifying against the background of the fact that the authorities clearly do not feel confident. We wish our listeners and viewers to wait for changes in our land without being arrested or mobilized.

Well, that's all for today! We remind you that in "Trends of Order and Chaos" the participants of "Autonomous Action" and other authors give anarchist assessments of current events. Listen to us on YouTube, SoundCloud and other platforms, visit our website avtonom.org, subscribe to our e-mail newsletter!

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