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(en) Italy, FdCA, Il Cantiere #16: Union, Equality - Anti-capitalism Anti-fascism -- Alessandro Granata * (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Wed, 17 May 2023 08:17:52 +0300

The requests that come from below, even if they come from a simple group of members, must be listened to. ---- They must be listened to, mediated, understood and must also find an answer. ---- We cannot be satisfied with a semblance of facade democracy. There is no democracy if there is no right to dissent. If you can not exercise a right of criticism that is also implemented. ---- A Thesis needs an Antithesis to become a Synthesis and a synthesis needs an antithesis again and so on in a virtuous circle of normal democratic dialectics. ---- Substantial and non-formal democracy we must practice between comrades and comrades.
Right to be heard and not a dogma of infallibility --- (this has been up to the Popes since 1870 and if they are always right, it would be better not to talk to us) accept criticism as an increase in knowledge and possibilities and not as lese majesty. This is the basis of the scientific method. The possibility of verify-
Only in this way can a good synthesis of political documents be achieved, obtaining a unitary and plural management.
Even if the internal opposition continues to play its role of antithesis and constant verification. Another key point:
But should a trade union only manage internal democracy? Or worry only about the contract? A syndicate of Knowledge like ours, perhaps dealing with Philosophy, Theories of Power, political theory, elaborates, elaborates Knowledge and... without knowledge and cognition of the mistakes made (because we have made mistakes, and when we are wrong it is good to say it- we are not infallible like the Popes-) and,,, I repeat, without knowledge and understanding of the mistakes made, there is and will never be a better contract, social justice, inclusion, acceptance.
Freedom equality and sisterhood, Equality what a beautiful word!
Pietro Gori so admirably outlines it "Because we love equality they called us criminals but we are workers and bosses we don't want" -Pietro Gori 1895 Amor Ribelle
Today we are almost afraid to pronounce this word, it is replaced with the word equity, a concept that does not belong to our history. Equity is when the poor man who remains poor has enough to feed himself, cover himself and live in his little house. The rich man remains the rich man with his villa and his beautiful capital. Because, in the liberal vulgate, he deserves it.
Merit is another pernicious idea derived from the business model that you want to apply to society and to the whole school. The best have more rights, but the best are usually those at the top of the social pyramid, they deserve to be the best.
The values we believe in are very different. They descend from the first international, they have roots in the social democratic, socialist, communist and libertarian family.
They all have one point in common: the overcoming of capitalism as the creator of a society divided into classes, capitalists and workers. Exploiters and exploited. Sometimes the exploited earn relatively well, but remain so because the value of their work does not go entirely to them, but to increase the profit that goes to capital.
We contrast the social, economic and ecological cost of the right to exploit, the right to dismissal and precariousness in all our sectors to business law and the risk of business law, a category now assumed by what defines itself as a progressive camp. .
And then, even a school and an education that acts as a social elevator is not a concept that should belong to us, we must aim for a school of free and equal people.
We should rethink a didactic that not only contrasts dispersion and failure and effectively opposes the alternation between school and work, the "project factory", the bureaucratization of the trade, but we must also rethink a didactic that educates to our values, of inclusion, of cooperation , of equality, of the enhancement of the individual paths of each of us, abolishing merit. For the integral development of the personality, foresee a cycle of permanent education. For an evaluation that goes beyond the standardization criteria linked to the numerical grade.
Whether the center right won or the center left lost on 25 September is a debate that doesn't interest me too much. A concrete fact is that the votes of the centre-right are more or less equal. Perhaps the institutional left, not representing the demands for struggle and improvement that come from what should be the reference political subject: workers, the unemployed and unemployed, pensioners, students has completely lost the trust of these sectors.
The political left has betrayed them all. The union doesn't have to do that.
What is a general axiom, i.e. that male and female workers have no friendly governments, in the Health and Education Sectors, manifests itself in all its drama, in fact we observe in perfect continuity with previous governments policies of cuts and systematic demolition of spending publish.
There are no friendly governments and it is useless to wait for political sides, to moderate requests, to submit to governments of national unity. The union must be autonomous from political parties and reverse any subordination. If we want to practice anti-fascism consistently we must be anti-capitalists we must regain possession of our theoretical baggage. Don't let us be duped by the ideas of the ruling class. Like the productivist-business school.
Forming companions in the light of our values, with the clear intention on the one hand of contractually defending our reference categories, on the other hand forming the new generations based on the teaching principles that consistently derive from our values, giving them the only competence that is really valid for their life, the ability to imagine a future and be able to change society in order to achieve it. Together.
We must have a clear vision of where we are going or we will go astray along the way.
We are here to remind our category who we were, who we are and where we are going.
We were the first category of this union that has given permanent representation to the precarious by creating precarious coordination for universities and schools by integrating them into the governing bodies. We have occupied Faculty Councils and Statute Commissions in the rectorates with the flag of the FLC, alongside students and with research precarious workers. We suspended ourselves in the void or on the roofs.
Contains the worst aspects of the Gelmini Law and almost blocked "The good school".
We want the FLC to continue on its path of dialogue and discussion not only on issues strictly related to contractual matters, not only with the area of document 2, but also with all the requests that come from the realities of school and university movements who are fighting for individual and social and environmental rights. Feminisms, ecologisms, pacifism and antimilitarism. To continue to be a competent and combative FLC. Let's hold hands in these sad days, Let's not get lost along the way, Come on!

* Speech at the regional congress FLC CGIL Tuscany

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