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(en) Russia, avtonom: The Lord of the Rings: Trends in Order and Chaos Episode 87 (January 6) (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Fri, 20 Jan 2023 09:59:45 +0200

This is episode 87. Here are the main stories on the agenda of the past two (including the New Year) weeks. ---- 1. Some results ---- The past year has completely uncovered Russian fascism. The attack on Ukraine, which seemed like a completely absurd idea because of its apparently suicidal stance, was a logical continuation of all previous Putin's policies. It turned out that the slogan "We can repeat" is to start bombing Kyiv at four o'clock in the morning. And then, as Vysotsky sang, "the soldiers of the Zentr group are marching across Ukraine." ---- For many Russians, the beginning of the war was a complete shock, but if those who realized how all this time Russia was systematically plunging into fascism began to look for ways of resistance, then most of the population began to look for excuses for the authorities. They are smart, they know better. So this was the only solution. The same people who were taught from childhood that "if only there was no war."

Well, in fact, in Russia the word "fascist" is a dirty word, no one wants to be a fascist, everyone wants to be good, and psychological defenses work. Especially when state propaganda calls black white and vice versa. Old Orwell must have been offended in the next world, so many people remembered his novel "1984". "War is peace", "Freedom is slavery".

However, the mass enthusiasm that the Russian authorities were counting on, all the previous years preparing the ground for war, still did not happen. This became especially noticeable when the mobilization was announced. According to Forbes, about 700,000 citizens have left the country since September 21.

2. How to mow
Those who could not leave Russia began to hide. Thanks to human rights initiatives, guides have appeared on what to do if called. The best thing, according to them, is not to take a summons, not to appear in the draft board. And we already wrote a lot about it last year.

However, as it turned out, not everyone knows about such opportunities. Here is a story that will not be referenced, because I know it not from journalists, but directly. So, one young man, having received a summons, called the veterinarians. And he began to find out: how much does castration cost, and is it possible to do it in such a way that "then you can restore functions." To the negative answer that it was impossible, he hesitated and asked: "And if there is only one testicle?" Then it was the turn of the veterinarians to be amazed, and they asked, what kind of problems does the pet have? As a result, it turned out that the young man thought to perform the operation on himself. Well, what can I say ... Quite an unexpected method to hang back from the army, but there is the possibility of not so radical methods.

In general, mobilization and how it is carried out is becoming an increasingly active point of tension. It shows how rotten the Russian army is, where the mobilized must also purchase all the equipment at his own expense. And then, even if not death on the front line, beatings and bullying await the mobilized, as is usual in such a typically patriarchal team as the army is. Another such patriarchal system with a rigid hierarchy has always been the prison. Now both of these systems have merged in the war.

3. Private army
Today, there are already two private armies operating in the country - Kadyrov's and Prigozhin's. And in one and the other, the participants earned the dubious fame of complete scumbags. It is quite possible that both Kadyrov and Prigogine will rely on them in their further struggle for power.

4. New Year's performance
By the way, indeed, something Putin already does not look like himself. Either he abuses Botox, or even released a double for the New Year's appeal. This time, Putin, speaking against the background of the wall of the military, seems to be hinting that no one will leave the mobilization. The pretentious faces of extras in camouflage, apparently, call for heroism, but this whole production looks like it's a crowd of bodyguards that covers him from ... who? From the people? Well, the people that he throws into the furnace of war like brushwood?

Although no, he really took care of the people. The new soldiers must somehow be reproduced, so the government thought about it: now the mobilized can freeze sperm for free. Such are family values. At the same time, the authorities inspire that the family should be with dad and mom, and immediately removes dad from the family, the main thing is that the wife can continue to give birth.

5. Refuseniks
But even not only among the mobilized, but also among the regular military, there are refuseniks who have realized the criminality of the war with Ukraine. Novaya Gazeta interviewed an officer who refused to return to the front. For such, a new article of the Criminal Code has been introduced, for "a serviceman's refusal to participate in hostilities" they face a prison term. But now there are times when heroism is not about going to the forefront of a war of conquest that brings death and grief. It's about resisting it. The same Novaya Gazeta published the stories of the missing refuseniks.

When agitators in the First World War talked with soldiers, of course, the first thing they talked to them about was understandable and close to those things - home, family, which they had to leave for the sake of those sitting in palaces and knowing neither the cold nor the horror of shelling. No one wants to feel like cattle in a slaughterhouse, and human dignity cannot be preserved in the Russian army. So it started with the moods that Bumbarash sings about.

And then - the armed people, tired of the war, decided to ask the authorities, but in fact, isn't it time for them to give this power to the soviets? And what is a council, if not self-organization for the struggle for one's rights, which anarchists talk about?

6. Repressions against anarchists
Repressions against anarchists have passed from last year to this year. Therefore, we call for solidarity with the imprisoned and under investigation activists.

On our site you can read interviews with young guys from Chita, who were detained while drawing graffiti, and now they are charged with articles one heavier than the other. "Personally, I am guided by simple human values that are elevated to the absolute. This is freedom, equality, brotherhood. And I think that if I have my own position, I can express it. I have been participating in public events for a long time. Not only political, but also environmental, for example," says Lyuba Lizunova. "We do not agree with today's policy," says Alexander Snezhkov. - We have constant repressions in the state, we are considered aggressors all over the world. More precisely, our state is considered an aggressor. We are conducting an absolutely senseless meat grinder on the territory of Ukraine. What is the meaning of it? It is seen only by our government, pursuing personal interests, which it determined for itself in 2014, when everything was just beginning."

7. New Year wishes
Since the New Year is also a time of wishes, we also wish all our listeners freedom and peace. Stay strong, don't lose hope. Then Putin imagined himself as the Dark Lord and even ordered to forge the rings that he presented to nine participants of the CIS summit. He left one ring for himself, apparently as the "Ring of Omnipotence". \

Well, if you haven't read Tolkien, you've probably seen The Lord of the Rings movie. To be honest, Gollum is most like Putin there, obsessed with the desire to have the "Ring of Omnipotence", and, as we remember, this obsession of his killed both the Ring and himself. So we wish everyone to live to the end of this terrible tale - then a new story will begin, and its plot will also depend on how many of us can influence it.

Well, that's all for today! We remind you that in "Trends of Order and Chaos" the participants of "Autonomous Action" give anarchist assessments of current events. Listen to us on YouTube, SoundCloud and other platforms

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