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(en) Czech, AFED: A3: What is silent about in NATO? (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Thu, 4 Aug 2022 10:07:17 +0300

It is necessary for Ukraine to repel the racist invasion - perhaps with the help of NATO. But this alliance is no saint, as the example of Turkey proves. Download, print and distribute the July issue of the A3 wall newspaper! ---- The military invasion of Putin's Russia on the territory of Ukraine has been going on for five months. Only fools would believe some of Putin's propaganda about the reasons for this murderous rampage, despite how intensively his fifth column of professional disinformers and useful idiots operate within individual European countries. Its target is the people of Ukraine, regardless of whether they are soldiers, non-soldiers, women, pensioners or children. Despite all the nonsense about the de-Nazification and demilitarization of Ukraine, Putin and his cohorts have only one thing in mind - to conquer Ukraine, to restore the empire and spheres of influence from Soviet times.
Putin and his invading horde were undoubtedly surprised in the first days by the determination of the people of Ukraine to resist the coming occupation. It surprised even the countries operating within NATO. They offered the Ukrainian president the possibility of escape. But he behaved a little differently than the rest of the European opportunists, and his first thought was not to save his own neck. However, it is not about him (the determined resistance of a significant part of the population is decisive), however, it does not nicely illustrate the attitude of the West, which was actually willing to sacrifice Ukraine.

It also points to the fact that this is not a battle of imperial blocs. Such thinking only speaks volumes about its bearers, who, in their preoccupation with their own power and cultural supremacy, deny the people of Ukraine the ability to judge, make decisions and act on their own. Putin's Russia invaded a neighboring sovereign country, and that's about it. And also about the fact that if Russia were to win, nothing nice would await the survivors - not even the few freedoms they had within the somewhat oligarchic capitalism, which although exploits the workers like any other form of capitalism, leaves at least some room for social self-organization and leadership struggles for workers' rights. This would not even be conceivable in the case of occupation.

We anarchists express solidarity with the workers and all other underprivileged people in Ukraine, and therefore we wish them victory over the invasion of the imperial power. We also wish them that this military victory will serve as a springboard for further victories, namely in the social field. And that there is something to fight for! We in the Czech Republic feel it, too, in the ever-increasing cost of living in contrast to the increase in the profits of the richest.

If the NATO countries had the real will and willingness, it is conceivable that the murderous pressure of the Russian Federation would have been broken long ago. But most of the political representation is in the wake of big business, which benefits from relations with Russia. So we can see the apparent and hidden reluctance to help Ukraine on an effective scale and the laziness associated with it, which only leads to an increase in the number of victims and villages leveled to the ground.

Unfortunately, NATO countries are the only hope for Ukraine to defend itself against Putin's barbarism and imperial appetites. And NATO really isn't the Quick Arrows, it's an association of good guys. If we want to show it with an example, then just point your finger on the globe where Turkey is. If Putin is repulsive with his fascistic ways and planned genocide of a neighboring nation, how about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan? Yes, quite similar. Even Turkey is such a proto-fascist dictatorship, where political opposition is liquidated, protests are almost forbidden, teachers are fired from universities, ultra-conservative ideology is promoted and courts are stripped of their independence. And even Erdogan's Turkey has its own genocidal plan for how to deal with a smaller, though still large, nation - the Kurds. And it implements this plan within its borders and beyond. Turkey also brought this fascist policy to the NATO negotiations on the expansion of Sweden and Finland, where it set conditions for these states - to enable the persecution of the Kurdish opposition on their territory. Bolstered by the concessions gained, Turkey can be expected to launch further attacks on the people of northern Syria to drive them from their homes and expand the zone under its military control.

Since the fight against terrorism is so often emphasized in NATO, Turkey also joined. But in a way that made black white. He describes the Kurdish fighters against the Islamic State (ISIS) as terrorists, and on the contrary, ISIS has long provided protection and material aid. So it is not surprising that when Maher al-Agal, the leader of ISIS in Syria, was killed on July 12, it was in the territory occupied by Turkey.

Yes, the invasion of Ukraine must be defeated. And yes, it probably won't be possible without the help of NATO countries. But let's keep in mind what this military alliance is and what its past is, especially regarding its own imperial forays. Let us beware of the hypocrisy that NATO embodies. Solidarity with the people of Ukraine must be as important to us as solidarity with the people of the Kurdish regions.

A3 (July 2022) can be downloaded HERE.

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